Shibuya Long Sleeve Tee Grey
Shibuya Long Sleeve Tee Grey
Shibuya Long Sleeve Tee Grey
Shibuya Long Sleeve Tee Grey

Shibuya Long Sleeve Tee Grey

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Shibuya Long Sleeve Tee Grey

Lower Shibuya Long Sleeve Tee Grey

The Lower Shibuya Longsleeve Tee features Japanese text on both sleeves and a logo hit on the chest. On the back is the number 33, blended together nicely to trick the eye at first glance. Alongside it is the featured Japanese text to match up with the logo hit and the sleeves. The Lower Shibuya Longsleeve Tee is tailored in 100% cotton to look and feel more comfortable. Set yourself up with one of these unique styles before they're gone!

- 100% Cotton

Born in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand as a hobby, Lower quickly grew and in 2004 became a fully-fledged business. Now a household name throughout all of NZ and quickly growing recognition internationally as well, they remain true to where they came from and maintain a unique and grounded approach to this day. With street wear elements and influences from various subcultures, Lower are a brand you can’t ignore no matter what style you are chasing.



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