Pass Short Tape Black
Pass Short Tape Black
Pass Short Tape Black
Pass Short Tape Black
Pass Short Tape Black

Pass Short Tape Black

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Pass Short Tape Black


Lower Pass Short Tape Black

Born in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand as a hobby, Lower quickly grew and in 2004 became a fully-fledged business. Now a household name throughout all of NZ and quickly growing recognition internationally as well, they remain true to where they came from and maintain a unique and grounded approach to this day. With street wear elements and influences from various subcultures, Lower are a brand you can’t ignore no matter what style you are chasing.

From Lower's High Summer 15/16 collection, dry fit mesh shorts with custom Lower tape down sides.

- Elasticated drawstring waist
- Regular fit
- Side pockets
- Back pocket
- Custom tape




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