Reflekt Denim Asphalt
Reflekt Denim Asphalt
Reflekt Denim Asphalt
Reflekt Denim Asphalt

Reflekt Denim Asphalt

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Reflekt Denim Asphalt

Kennedy Denim Co Reflekt Denim Asphalt

Established in 2012, Kennedy Denim Co. is an LA based team of denim lovers who are obsessed with creating the world’s number one denim brand for quality, competitive pricing and most importantly style. The Kennedy Denim Co. use some of the world’s most premium denim factories in Los Angeles and constantly strive to raise the standards in denim manufacturing and consumer affordability. The Kennedy Denim Co. is a lifestyle denim brand that isn’t here to sell you their lifestyle, it’s here to enrich your own lifestyle. Denim for the people.

The Reflekt jean from Kennedy Denim Co are a great, classic cut pant that are a great staple for any wardrobe. Featuring a straight leg cut and Asphalt colourway, these are ready to tackle the day with you head on and keep you looking stylish.

- Straight cut
- Asphalt Colourway

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