Angelito is 175cm and is wearing a size large.

Kingpin Hockey Jersey Black

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Kingpin Hockey Jersey Black

Crooks & Castles Kingpin Hockey Jersey Black

The Kingpin hockey jersey is a woven long sleeve plaid hockey jersey that features fleece paneling and V-neck cut. Made from 100% Cotton, this will protect you from the elements and do so while keeping nice and cool. A brand that does not disappoint, Crooks & Castles have you covered this season.

For Crooks & Castles, The concept was easy, Crooks, Criminals, Pimps, Hustlers, Thieves, etc. and Castles those who got rich by becoming a crook. From the robber barons of the early times like the Vanderbilt’s, the Rockefeller’s, the Carnegies, to the modern day billionaires-Bill Gates & Microsoft; Those who stopped at nothing to get their Castle. We too hope one day to be the next rich crook and look damn good whilst doing so.