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Boxed Scision Muscle Tank Grey is Sold Out

Boxed Scision Muscle Tank Grey
Boxed Scision Muscle Tank Grey
Boxed Scision Muscle Tank Grey

Boxed Scision Muscle Tank Grey

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Carre Boxed Scision Muscle Tank Grey

Carre have expressed the blood sweat and tears that have gone into the fit of this tee, purely to enhance and exhibit your blood sweat and tears you have put in at the gym. This fit is truly revolutionary in the shirt game for anyone that puts in hours a week a the gym, this is without a doubt the Most form fitting and amplifying shirt on the market. This tee will be your new everyday uniform.

Firstly they start with the fit in the Neck, a new U shaped neck that is designed to best accentuate the pectoral, traps and gluts. The new style look has been vigorously tested and approved by females to be the most appealing fitting T-shirt ever from the female perspective.

Then we move to the length and fit. This goes for a elongated tall fit, mixed with a cool split hem. This is the perfect length, not too long it feels like a dress but not too short you raise your arms up and your gut is showing. The fit through the shoulders and arms is perfect as there are no sleeves on the muscle tank.

The fabric used on this tee is an amazing blend of rayon, cotton and polyester that has the feel fit and and look that is something that will make this become your most loved item in your entire wardrobe.

- Cut sleeves, perfect for the warmer weather
- Elongated, split hem design allowing for better comfort and more style

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