Win A Year's Supply Of Milky Lane Burgers!

Win A Year's Supply Of Milky Lane Burgers!

Are you guilty of frequenting the local basketball court? Do you thrive under pressure? Culture Kings Pacific Fair is hosting round one of the Sharpshooter Championship this weekend, so get ready!

Even better, the winner will receive a year’s supply of Milky Lane’s insanely delicious burgers, absolutely stacked from crown to heel for maximum taste and ground-breaking satisfaction. 

To join the line-up of contestants, utilise two of your personal Culture Kings tokens, each received by spending $100 in store. If you’re out of tokens or yet to claim one, all you need to do is spend $200 when you arrive, immediately granting you the two tokens and eligibility to play.

Two tokens will get you in, but winning will take a little more finesse. Luckily, we’ve kept it simple. All you need to do is ace a few free throws. The catch? Whoever scores the highest number of shots in a row takes home the prize. There’s no minimum amount to win, it all just depends on how good your competition is and if you can come out on top. Every shot counts. 

Easy, right?

It’s one attempt per person and the competition moves to another city for week two, so come prepared!

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