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Melbourne Store COVID Update - Where to Buy Face Masks Online and how the CBD Lockdown Update Affects You

Whether it’s a second wave of COVID-19, or the first wave undefeated, the Victorian Government, led by Premier Daniel Andrews, is taking no further chances. It was announced this week that Metropolitan Melbourne would be entering a six-week, stage-four lockdown from the 2nd of August.

Trying to understand exactly what the restrictions would mean for each of us has been a little difficult, however, with stage four now in place and you live in Melbourne, things are now crystal clear.

Restrictions put in place from Sunday the 2nd of August, through until Sunday the 13th of September, will see our Melbourne Store and our Chadstone Store closed in accordance with the tightened restrictions.

We are looking into all possible ways to support our staff and their families through these difficult times, however, for the short term, these Melbourne stores will be completely shut to the public. For our customers, we have broadened the services provided by our Online Store to best support the forecasted lift in demand as a result of being unable to attend to our stores, while also doing our best to stock products to help you through this challenging time.

We have stocked up everything from Face Masks to Sanitisers to Gloves to help you navigate the coronavirus as safely as possible, however, we thought we could answer some frequently asked questions to make things a little easier for you.

Question: Best Face Masks Online - How to Pick the Right One?

From Midnight Sunday the 2nd of August 2020, all Victorians, regardless of whether they live in the Melbourne Metropolitan area or not, must wear a face mask or face covering whenever they leave their own home.

The Department of Health and Human Services has put together an incredibly robust guide on the topic, but let us summarise it for you here:

  • While there are recommendations to wear a three layer mask, any Face Mask, or Bandana or Face Covering or Face Shield is better than none,
  • Citizens can use discretion as to what Mask is best for them, whether it be a Home Made mask or a Disposable Mask or a Re-usable and Washable Mask
  • Face Covering also extends to Bandanas and Scarfs, which many find more comfortable and versatile - especially once we beat this thing as you may get future wear out of it also,
  • Confusion has existed around Disabilities and Asthma or Breathing conditions, according to the DHHS website - if you suffer from Asthma or a medical condition that makes breathing difficult you are exempt. We suggest you seek medical advice on this one,
  • It all comes down to comfort and current health conditions - the DHHS is enforcing your wearing of any device that fits securely around your face, covering specifically your nose and the mouth areas - ideally this includes a device that can be tightened at the band of your head or with ear loops,
  • You must make sure your mask does not have holes unless they are one-way filtered valves,
  • No matter what Mask you select - you absolutely must wash your hands for at least 20-30 seconds with soap and water, or use a Hand Sanitiser made up of at least 60% alcohol,
  • It is recommended you avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth which can be at times super difficult - something Gloves can assist with,
  • If you do purchase a Re-usable or Washable Mask - be sure to store it safety in a plastic bag in between uses,
  • For single use and Disposable Mask it is recommended by DHHS that you always checks for tears or signs of use before firmly fitting to your face,
  • Once the mask is in position, do not touch with your hands, even if you are wearing Gloves - if the mask gets damp, soiled or is simply at end of use, safely dispose of the Mask and replace it,
  • If your preference is to wear Disposable Masks it is suggested you buy a Multi Pack of Masks,

We are doing everything we can to ensure we have the Largest range of In Stock Face Masks to buy online in Australia - ensuring they are shipped Australia Wide via Express Post.

Question: Where to Buy face Masks in Melbourne?

With the current stage four restrictions in place, the safest way for you to buy Face Masks, while ensuring you get them as fast as possible, is to buy them online.

Check out our huge range of over a hundred styles of Face Masks HERE

Question: Do Face Masks help protect you from COVID-19?

Culture Kings in no way presents itself as an organisation capable of providing medical advice, so we are going to follow the advice given to all Victorians by the DHHS.

Summarised, this advice reads:

  • Face Coverings are a helpful tool in containing droplets produced from coughing, sneezing and talking, 
  • Even when wearing a mask, best practice is to keep 1.5 metres apart from all citizens at all times,
  • Face Coverings are being commonly recommended around the world for use by the community to assist in reducing the transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus,

Question: When do I have to wear a Mask?

The DHHS has been explicit in answering this question - as soon as you leave your home, you must be wearing protection at all times. So, rather than list all the places you should wear a Mask (which as we said is basically everywhere), we thought we would do our best to highlight some of the DHHS Face Covering Exceptions.

  • If you are driving with someone from your household, or if you are driving for work purposes on your own, for example, if you are a delivery driver,
  • If you are driving alone or only travelling with people from your household,
  • You do not need to wear a face covering while at home together with your partner,
  • If you are doing exercise or physical activity where you are out of breath or puffing, such as jogging or running, you do not need to wear a face covering,
  • When consuming food, drink or medication, including when seated at a restaurant where permitted.
  • If you need to leave your home due to an emergency,
  • Children under the age of 12 years do not have to wear a facemask. However parents or guardians may wish to still enforce this,
  • Children who are two years old and under should never wear a face covering due to choking and strangulation risks,
  • A person who is affected by a relevant medical condition, including problems with their breathing, a serious condition of the face, a disability or a mental health condition.

Again, we remind you that we are simply providing summarised information from the DHHS website. We request you always rely on Government Information, and/or your Medical Professional’s advice, on what the most appropriate Face Mask protection is for your personal situation.

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