What Is Kn95?

What Is Kn95?

Let's be real, all this mask talk is pretty confusing. Disposable, cotton, with filter, without filter, N95, Kn95, the list goes on. When you have to start cracking the code just to know the name of the product, you're probably a bit out of your depth. 

Kn95 is the most recent type of face mask to drop here at Culture Kings and it's had a lot of people asking: what's the difference between Kn95 and N95?

Basically, N95 masks are the US standards for respirator masks; Kn95 masks are the Chinese standards for masks.

Kn95 Face Mask

When considering what mask to buy for protection, a lot of people care most about what percentage of particles the masks capture. In this case, both the Kn95 and N95 are the same on that scale as they are both rated to capture 95% of tiny particles.

There are some small differences between the two, but the main thing to note is that Kn95 masks are required to pass fit tests to determine the masks ability to retain its seal during use.

These Kn95 masks come in 5 packs and are disposable - shop online now.

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