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Kid Cudi Talks New Projects & More In Latest Interview

Kid Cudi Talks New Projects & More In Latest Interview

Since the release of 'Kids See Ghosts', the third in a series of albums produced by Kanye West from Pusha-T, Kanye himself, Nas and Teyana Taylor, we haven't heard much from Kid Cudi. In a cover story with Billboard, however, he is talking all things music and life. Check out our key takeaways. 



On Kanye, Cudi said: “I think me and Kanye are always going to make awesome sh*t together. We just have this chemistry that’s undeniable, especially when we have to fight for it with each other. It’s really easy for us. Kids See Ghosts did take us a little over a year-and-a-half to just get it tight and where we wanted it to be, but the actual songwriting process and putting the songs together wasn’t really hard. Me and Ye, we click like that musically. But — I was just talking about this with Jaden [Smith] today — it was still the pressure of going toe-to-toe, line for line with Ye, and that was heavy for me.

     "At first, when he mentioned he wanted to do the album, I didn’t know how serious he was. But I was real serious about it. Months went by, and we just kept working on it and chiseling away at it. It was funny to us when people were talking about how the album was rushed or last-minute. I knew what it took. I was there the whole time.”

'Kids See Ghosts' was a banger of an album, and Kid Cudi said making it was "like camp, like a super camp where all the f*cking creatives go to create. We ate together. We laughed together. Chilled. It was really cool to be around Nas. That was the illest. We’d be chilling in the room, and then Nas would leave and we’d be like, ‘That’s f*cking Nas.’ We’d be asking him questions about coming up in Queens, did he know Biggie, all these questions. I had a ball out there, man. Kanye had his family around. He had his dad there. And we knew what songs we wanted to use. We had “Reborn.” We had “4th Dimension.” We just took our time fine-tuning the process.”



One of the criticisms of Kanye's albums was that they were all only seven tracks. When asked if 'Kids See Ghosts' was intended to be seven, he said: “It was always seven. There are some songs that we didn’t use that I’m hopeful we can put out later. But the plan is to do more Kids See Ghosts albums.”

Cudi fans, you may not have to wait too long for more music, as he says: “Creating is making me happy again. I’ve been working on this TV show secretly for four years. I’m [in early development] on a pilot and getting it right. Monkeypaw Productions is [in talks to] produce it — Jordan Peele’s company. I’ve got this little collaboration I’m doing with A.P.C. that’s coming out soon. I definitely know myself better than I ever have.”

Kid Cudi talks more about his mental health and other personal issues in the complete article, so head on over to Billboard for the full interview.

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