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Instagram Shopping Coming Soon

Instagram Shopping Coming Soon

The last ten years has seen some incredible advancements in technology, with a particular focus on smartphones. Since Apple's first generation iPhone released in 2007, users worldwide have held a powerful device in the palm of their hands in which they can take high-quality photographs and share those with millions of possible viewers. Stream, download and listen to endless amounts of music wherever they are at any time. Even browsing the internet has become so simple that a large percentage of online users choose to do so on their mobile instead of a computer. With online sales through mobile phones skyrocketing, Instagram has announced a new feature that will forever change the way we use the social media sharing app, and shop online.

In a blog recently released by Instagram for Business, the company stated: "Starting next week, we’re testing a way for our community to learn more about the items they view within an Instagram post. Most mobile shopping experiences today take people from the shop window right to check out—without giving consumers the opportunity to consider a product and get more information."

What does this mean for the future of Instagram? Only time will tell. Companies will be able to show more relevant products to people who want to see them, and make it that much easier for them to purchase. No word yet on a rollout date for Instagram Shopping, but look out for CK to get involved and provide customers will an even deeper and more personalised shopping experience through the Culture Kings Instagram.

Source: Instagram for Business blog

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