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Boxing Day Vol 2 NFS Gear Is Next Level

Boxing Day Vol 2 NFS Gear Is Next Level

This Boxing Day Volume 2, Culture Kings' have dropped our best Not-For-Sale merchandise yet, including exclusive collab pieces from New Era as well as a premium CK Suitcase, Function Side Bag, Denim Jacket, Cushion and so much more.

In order to get your hands on this exclusive Culture Kings' merchandise, you’ll have to drop some dollars in store or online at Culture Kings on Boxing Day. If you spend $50 they will receive a pair of CK NFS High Socks. With a $150 spend, you’ll get the socks, plus an OW Function Lanyard. When you spend $300, you get both the socks and lanyard as well as the CK cushion and function bag that can be worn in over 10 ways. When you drop $500, you receive all that plus the CK X New Era 940 A-Frame, CK digital watch and utility box. When you ball out and drop $1,000, you will cop everything you’ve just read, plus the utility chair and EMB black denim jacket. Feeling like dropping double that? A $2k spend will get the ultimate streetwear fan the premium CK Suitcase as well.

Culture Kings

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